Sam Brewster

Writer & Director


Experimental Film

Winner of the Canal180 9:16 project. Collaborative project with contempory performer Anouk Jouanne. You can watch an interview about the project here.

Director’s Statement

I wanted to bring mundane private behavior into public spaces in order to examine conditioned domestic routines. By showing distinctive activities outside of their usual surroundings, we bring to light how absurd human behavior can be when taken out of context.

One of the main take-aways from making our film was the ease and comfort at which Anouk began to feel as she performed these rituals in public. The accepting nature of our society allowed these acts to be performed, but it makes me wonder, what acts in which context would take things too far?


Runtime: 1min 36sec
Sound Mix: Stereo
Format: HD
Aspect Ratio: 9:16
Country of production: United Kingdom

Cast: Anouk Jouanne

Crew: Written & Directed by Sam Brewster
© Sam Brewster