Sam Brewster

Writer & Director
+447816 160294

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Sam’s films have been screened at festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, PÖFF, Bolton, Sunderland, Encounters and London Short Film Festival and he is currently working on more shorts whilst also developing a feature film about lorry drivers in the 1970s.

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When not directing, he also works as a freelance creative art director and illustrator.
Born in Scotland to English parents and raised in Belgium and Sheffield, Sam has since settled in London. During his formative years he went to an international school in Belgium close to Brussels. This upbringing exposed him to a vibrant mix of nationalities and a fascinating fusion of American, European and British culture.

When he moved to England at the age of eight it was a culture shock; one that has since deeply influenced his work. In his short film, Writer, he re-drew a contemporary interpretation of the 'angry young man' archetype, rather than an oppressed individual he painted him as an over-entitled young man. Subsequently, he’s explored other themes such as accident trauma in Undone, lock-down isolation in Fingernails, and most recently, societal alienation in NO BALL GAMES. He has recently won the Canal 180 competition ‘9:16’ with his film Domestication and as a result has been awarded filmmaker in residence for 2024.
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