Sam Brewster

Writer & Director

Writer (Trailer)

Short Film

An entitled young writer is driven mad by a sequence of infuriating events. He's impatient to succeed and can't handle rejection so when he gets a little taste of hardship his ego crumbles and he violently lashes out.

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Selected by Alex Cox (Dir. Sid and Nancy) for Pennine Film Festival.

Director’s Statement

I wanted to make a short film that had a contemporary interpretation of the 'angry young man' archetype, not as an oppressed individual, but instead as an over-entitled one.

Since making this film, I realise now that Nick is an incel. It was made before the term had come into use, so I didn't have the vocabulary to describe his absurd entitlement and making this film helped me to understand it better.

Perhaps the closest comparison in film before this is Schumacher's Falling Down, although I feel like it ultimately isn't objective enough on Michael Douglas' character. When I made Writer I wanted to step out of Nick's perspective for a brief moment at the end, to throw into sharp relief how ridiculous and horrific he is behaving.


October 2016: Portsmouth International Film Festival
July 2016: Pennine Film Festival
November 2014: MUSIC & SOUND Awards - Nominee ‘Best Soundtrack’


Runtime: 12min 25sec
Sound Mix: Stereo
Format: Super 16mm
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.78 (16:9)
Country of production: United Kingdom
Production status: Completed

Cast: Charles Reston, George Savvides, Margo Henson, Jordon Stevens, George Xander, Maxwell Cavenham, Janne Kaas, Michael Batecko

Crew: Written, Directed & Produced by Sam Brewster, Director of Photography Mateusz Golebiewski, Original Score Roberto De Spirito, Special thanks to Grays Inn DIY store, New River Cafe, Protein coffee shop, Central Film School, idailies, Neil Gillett & Frankie Edwards
© Sam Brewster