Sam Brewster

Writer & Director


Short Film

A woman living alone is tormented by tiny rowdy visitors and goes about finding a way to silence them.


14-23 January 2021: London Short Film Festival online, London, UK
21 June 2020: Shelter Shorts, UK
27 June 2021: London Short Film Festival, Rio Cinema, London, UK
26 September 2020: The Shortest Nights, London, UK
10 October 2020: Film Shortage - Quarantine Creatives


Runtime: 5min 25sec
Sound Mix: Stereo
Format: HD
Aspect Ratio: 1620:1080 (3:2)
Country of production: United Kingdom
Production status: Completed

Cast: Kate Tattersfield

Crew: Written by Sam Brewster & Kate Tattersfield, Directed by Sam Brewster, Original score by Roberto De Spirito

© Sam Brewster