Sam Brewster

Writer & Director


Music Video

This project is completed.

Made for The Duke of Zuke from the album 'Wedding Songs'
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A repetitive, gnawing mantra of radio chatter prevents a woman from sleeping, audible anxieties manifest. She investigates and is stunned to see a spirit watching her. Strangely unafraid, the woman follows the spirit, who inspects her abode as if it were a prospective tenant. The woman feels strangely drawn to the spirit as if it were a missing part of her...

Directors Statement

I made this film using an experimental process — originally the spirit was going to be a smokey shadowy figure so I tried to use AI but it didn’t quite work. I decided instead to experiment and trust the process. After a few false-starts, I found that layering natural videos I’d filmed over the years (anemones in the London Zoo aquarium, frothy bubbles in the wake of a boat, reflected woodland in water) gave a much more satisfying character design. By using these natural elements, I made a form-shifting ‘Mother Nature’, much more visually representative of the character I was trying to portray.


Runtime: 5min 3sec
Sound Mix: Stereo
Format: HD
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.78 (16:9)
Country of production: United Kingdom

Cast: Shuna Iijima

Crew:  Directed & Produced by Sam Brewster, Director of Photography Darren Ladbury, Edited by Hannah Yeabury
Co-produced by Faye Butler

© Sam Brewster